Box + Flow® is for Women who aren't afraid to get messy
+ Men who aren't ashamed to flow.

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a 50-minute box + flow experience: inspiration + empowerment thru energy, breath, movement + music. consider getting messy on a heavy bag to beats by DMX + Nirvana before craving the solace of your childs' pose. on the mat, we flow fast to open up the shoulders, heart, and mind with to Bon Iver + Ella Fitzgerald. the most skilled fighters have flow in their fight. we urge you to let your mind detach as you flow thru the fight. no anticipation, no expectation. let it be a dance. just let go.

class is barefoot to ensure easy transition from the bags to the mats. warmup with a HIIT shadowbox sequence before gloving up to the bags. 9 rounds of speed + power intervals, combinations + a whole lot of resilience to leave students yearning to crawl onto the mats for a juicy flow. class is all levels. we also offer private training.

everyday we are confronted with situations out of our control. we choose to fight or we choose to flow. fight is the fire, our potential; the will to win, the want for more. box + flow® challenges patrons to dig deeper, and search inward to find our fight and then let things flow.