class policies


  • please arrive early to the studio to get settled but not TOO early -10 mins is plenty.
  • we do NOT have a waiting room + classes are often timed only 15 to 30 minutes apart.
  • you will not be admitted if you arrive after the 8 minute warm up.
  • our classes are 55 minutes of pure fun: (8min shadowboxing warm up+30min of boxing+17min yoga flow)
  • phones are not allowed in the main room.
  • classes are practiced without shoes. socks are optional.
  • you will sweat, fight + flow.
  • we do not have showers. sweaty is sexy.
  • mats + gloves provided. speed wraps mandatory. available for purchase: $5.
  • we do NOT wrap hands.
  • we only accept credit cards. NO cash.
  • we do NOT extend class packages. expiration date FIRM.
  • you MUST cancel your class at least 12 hours before. if you do not, you WILL lose the class. (see below for details)


we do not offer refunds on purchases.


all classes purchased are not available to transfer to other clients.


box + flow is not responsible for lost items. but we do keep a lost+found. call or email if something is left


classes start on time + you will not be admitted after the 8 minute warmup.


if you are more than 8 minutes late, your spot will be given away to someone on wait list. you MUST cancel your class 12 HOURS before. if a cancellation is made after this time, the class will be removed from your account. or if you are on an "unlimited-pack"-- a 15$ fee will be charged to your account.