bringing mindfulness to the fight.

fight + flow are opposites and together they create balance. thru a 50-minute fight + flow experience, including shadowboxing, heavy bag work + fast flow sequences, we will attempt to reach equilibrium
in mind, body + soul.


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35 minutes nonstop: 8 minute shadowbox warm up, gloves on for 9 rounds on the heavy bags, three of which are partner up focused speed + power intervals. this is the heart of the fight, to bring up the adrenaline, sweat + intensity before taking it all off to FLOW.


the sweetness after the struggle: a smooth transition from fight to flow, gloves off + crawl to the mat. a flow to reset ensues - a juicy sequence to bring balance to the mind + body. deep breath + flow opens the shoulders, hips, mind + heart, keeping intensity high for a full mind + body workout.

Flow thru the fight. Fight thru the flow.