bringing mindfulness to the fight.

fight + flow are opposites and together they create balance. thru a 55-minute fight + flow experience, including shadowboxing, heavy bag work + fast flow sequences, we will attempt to reach equilibrium
in mind, body + soul.




for the first 35 minutes of the class. start with a 8 minute shadowbox warm up with light weights before putting your gloves on. get ready for 9 rounds on the heavy bags, three of which are "rumbles" where we partner up and focus on speed + power intervals. this is the heart of the fight, to bring up the adrenaline, sweat + intensity before taking it all off for the FLOW. .


this is the calm after the storm + the sweetness after the struggle. following the initial 35 minutes of high intensity fight, students can't wait to rip off their gloves and wraps and hit their mats for child’s pose. they are led thru a 17- minute quick + juicy flow sequence to bring balance to their fight. deep breathing + a deep flow opens the shoulders, hips, mind and heart, but keeps heart rate up + intensity high for a full mind + body workout..


The Workout Class That’s Equal Parts Zen And Adrenaline

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Flow thru the fight. Fight thru the flow.